Softwares & Services


  • kitty (now) (with zsh+tmux)

  • alacritty

music players or music streaming

  • Audirvana: Exclusive mode + qobuz account

  • musikcube (not using for a long time)

  • Qobuz (daily streaming)

  • idagio (ultimate searching services & poor audio quality compared to Qobuz)


  • firefox nightly (for laptop)

  • firefox focus (for cell phone)

  • tor (daily browsing for both https and onion)

search engine

online collaboration or video

privacy messaging

rss reader

  • elfeed (+elfeed-org) inside emacs for laptop

  • NetNewsWire (for cell phones; support importing opml file)

editor or IDE

  • neovim (so far using nvimdots)

  • emacs (Interactive compiling [agda, coq] is well supported)

  • helix (good documentation & advanced shortcuts)

  • micro

  • 文本编辑器比较

note taking

  • logseq (offline notes)

  • obsidian (only for archive)

  • neovim / emacs

  • typora (has the best support for converting tables [html -> markdown])

  • Matrix private room (sync between devices)

  • reMarkable2 (handwritting)

pdf viewer

e-library management

email or temp-mail

file transfer

  • (only for movies)

  • proton drive (only for transfering temporary files with friends)

  • mediafire (general transfering with non-friends)

password management