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  1. How to choose a browser for everyday use?:
  2. Spyware Watchdog Article Catalog - Web Browsers:
  3. Shadow Wiki:, onion: Browser, darknet, email, hosting, IM, software.
  4. Forum:, privacy, browsers


Anonymity Browser

Tor Browser (Main)


Palemoon (Main) (Best)

See Internal post: /post/2023-09-13-palemoon.html

Mercury Browser (Firefox Fork) (Main)

List of patches included in Mercury:

Some help in creating these patches came from LibreWolf, Waterfox, FireDragon, PlasmaFox, and GNU IceCat.

Chromium (Deleted)

My Review
  1. I don’t think still rely on using G***le Browser Add-Ons is a good idea.
  2. The logo makes me PTSD so I quit.

Firefox (Bad)

  1. First See Mozilla - Devil Incarnate:
  2. Mozilla is Broken:

Librewolf (A Custom Version of Firefox) (Deleted)

My Review
  1. All bloating services like ytb are all allowed by default.
  2. Good part: No Cookie. Logins information are all deleted after restart the browser.

Furedragon (Librewolf Fork)


Waterfox (Firefox Fork)


BadWolf (Deleted)

Gui-Based Minimal/Lightweight Browser

See Why minimalist browsers suck

Netsurf Browser (Main)

Javascript, css etc. are also automatically disabled, great browser.

Epic design of browsing history:

My Review


See Netsurf - Online Spyware Watchdog

Kristall Small Net Browser (Deleted)

Kristall is a Gemini, Gopher and HTTP client. No JabbaScript, wasm or even CSS support. Pretty minimalist. It appears to be completely unable to read XHTML (however there are patches for this which or may not have been merged upstream)

Search Engine:

After enable HTTPS protocal: (https & img are disabled by default.)

My Review
  1. I don’t get it why images are disabled by default.
  2. I don’t like the so-called small web/net. I need content not minimalism/primitivism. Their efforts are respected though.
  3. copy is also disabled.
  4. View -> Document Outline is good. I like treating the web pages as contents therefore a outline is great.

Suckless Surf Browser (Deleted) (last release 2021-05-08) (deleted)

surf is a simple web browser based on WebKit2/GTK+. It is able to display websites and follow links. It supports the XEmbed protocol which makes it possible to embed it in another application. Furthermore, one can point surf to another URI by setting its XProperties.

  1. The whole software(program) is 22.6k. However, the webkit2gtk package is needed.
  2. No pricy configuration but also means this browser does not spy on you. (The first thing is avoid Spyware browser, the second is avoid browsing surveillance websites/companies/services.)
  3. I adore the whole idea/philosophy of, they are a GEM in this dim age.
  4. running surf in tabbed:
# clon repo
git clone
# Customize below to fit your system
cd surf && vi
# build and install 
sudo make clean install

GNU IceCat (Deleted)

Attacks the JavaScript trap by using an extension called LibreJS, which is more concerned about licensing it seems like (though it can also replace scripts similiar to uBlock), as well as another assortment of free software-focused alternatives like SearXes, a third party request blocker. Onion Button, to enable tor networking. “Reveal hidden HTML”, unhides hidden HTML, also, has a tool that fixes some websites with broken form validation Javascript by forcing an HTTP post. And HTTPS Everywhere, which forces HTTPS over HTTP. These can of course be removed or replaced with other extensions and while outside of the normal uMatrix+uBlock Orgin+Decentraleyes setup, these can also be added to GNU Icecat to complete the suite. Previously called IceWeasel.)

  1. The installing was a nightmare which means too much dependencies. I got CPU 100%.
  2. They spend too much time on Cloning language repository for installing a browser which makes me confusing a lot.



Packages (6) lib32-acl-2.3.1-2  lib32-gettext-0.21.1-1
             lib32-libnl-3.7.0-1  lib32-libpcap-1.10.4-1
             lib32-libxcursor-1.2.1-2  wine-8.15-1

Total Download Size:    64,56 MiB
Total Installed Size:  512,57 MiB

Text-Based Minimal/Lightweight Browser

Eww (Best)

eww is better than any minimal browser in my opinion.

My Review

NoScript shows that this website has 13 unclean sources, also, in a normal browser like firefox or even other privacy-enhanceed browser we need to click the accept cookie button.


With eww, there’s no need to click because the css is disabled, the cookie setting only showed at the top of the page.

First page:

Next page:

Bookmark System

The bookmark system of eww is extremely efficient:

Export bookmarks is just: :w bookmarks.txt

Using Shortcuts

Copy the content, or browser the content using emacs shortcuts. We don’t need to relay on extra add-ons like tridatcyl.

This is how libgen looks like in eww:

W3m (Basic)

My Review

For my local backup htmls, not better than eww.

Lynx (Vim-like)

My Review


Search Engine

Metager (Main)

Metager is my favourite search engine.

Also See:

Html Duckduckgo (Bad)

Html Duckduckgo is suitable for Non-JS browsers. However, See here.

Also See:

Web Content Blocker

See Web Content Blocker Tier List -


Matrix (Main)

See this internal post: Matrix Guide & Information Page

XMPP (Main)

See this internal post: XMPP Guide & Information Page


  1. good service and in active development
  2. security handbook)




Proton (Main) (Bad)

Proton mail is not decent now, see this internal posts: On Proton Mail (yet anothor CIA honeypot)

Disroot Email (Main)

I use the free mail service provided by Disroot and use neomutt as the cilent.

And use Anonaddy to make mutiple alias. FAQ

File Sharing (Bad)

I use this only for movies. (Mega has censorship.)


Sadly anonfiles was closed due to high volume of abuse.

Disroot’s Rofi

Kallist’s File Uploader

curl -F'file=@filename.txt'


Qbittorent (Main)

Open the search engine first!

Alternative Front-end