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    All ytb links are actually invidious.flokinet.to links, they may show a 502 Bad Gateway error sometimes, the only thing you need to do is copy the second part of a invidious link then grab a new instance. (Alternatively, you can install the LibRedirect browser extension to avoid duplicate operations.)

    Most of the posts are rolling all the time. I would give a new last update date property to better indicate that.


    The Table of Browsers

    Name Spyware Rating Offered Toolkits (Where applicable) Based on Operating System
    Abaco Not Rated plan9
    Arora Not Rated
    Atlas Nyxt Not Rated WebKit, Chromium Mac, Linux, BSD
    RedWolf Not Spyware WebKit Linux, BSD
    Basilisk Not Rated UXP
    Brave High Chromium Windows, Mac, Linux
    Dissenter High Brave & Chromium
    Dooble Not Rated Chromium Mac, Linux
    Edge Not Rated, known to be red EdgeHTML (Legacy), Chromium (since 2019) Windows, Mac, Linux
    EndorphinBrowser Not Rated
    Eolie Not Rated WebKit Linux
    Falkon Probably not Spyware qtwebengine Windows, Linux, Haiku
    Fiber Unreleased
    Fifth Not Rated FLTK WebKit Linux
    GNOME Web Not Rated WebKit Linux
    GNU IceCat Not Spyware Firefox Linux, Android
    Google Chrome EXTREMELY HIGH Chromium Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
    Internet Explorer EXTREMELY HIGH Windows
    Iridium Low Chromium
    K-Melon Not Rated Gecko Windows
    K-Melon G Not Rated Goanna Windows
    Kristall Not Rated Windows, Linux, BSD
    Lariza Not Rated WebKit "POSIX-ish"
    Librewolf Low Firefox Linux, Mac
    Luakit Not Spyware WebKit Windows (WSL), BSD, Linux
    Lynx Not Spyware fork of libwww Windows, Mac, Linux, VMS, DOS386+, OS/2 EMX
    Midori Not Rated WebKit (historical), Electron (current)
    Minbrowser Not Rated
    Floodgap Mosanic-CK Not Rated Motif NCSA Mosaic Linux, Mac
    Mozilla Firefox High Netscape Navigator Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS
    Netsurf Low GTK3, GTK2, Framebuffer N/A Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Haiku/BeOS, AmigaOS, 9front, Atari TOS, RISC OS
    Opera EXTREMELY HIGH Presto (historical), Chromium (current)
    Opera Gaming
    Orbit Navigator Goanna
    Otter Browser Not Spyware qtwebkit
    Pale Moon Medium forked from Firefox, UXP Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
    Paprika Not Rated
    Pocket Browser Not Rated
    Qutebrowser Not Spyware qtwebengine
    Suckless Surf Not Spyware WebKit2/GTK3
    SeaMonkey High Netscape Navigator Windows, Mac, Linux
    SecBrowser Deprecated.
    SlimJet EXTREMELY HIGH Chromium
    Sphere Browser Possible Spyware ?
    SRWare Iron EXTREMELY HIGH Chromium Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
    Superbird Not Rated Chromium Windows, Mac, Linux
    Taokaizen Not Rated Chromium Windows, Linux
    Tobin Borealis Not Rated UXP
    Tor Browser Low Firefox Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, Android, iOS
    Trinity Konqueror Not Rated KHTML Linux, BSD
    Twibright Links Not Rated N/A Windows, Linux, BSD, DOS, OS/2, VMS,
    Ungoogled Chromium Not Spyware Chromium (with patch sets from Iridium & Bromite) Windows, Mac, Linux
    Uzbl Unmaintained
    Viper Not Rated QT5 QtWebEngine/Chromium Linux, probably Windows and Mac
    Vivaldi High Chromium Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
    Waterfox Classic High fork of Firefox Windows, Mac, Linux
    Waterfox G3 Not Rated fork of Firefox
    Webbrowser/WereFox Not Spyware GTK2 Fork of Palemoon Linux, BSD
    WebDiscover EXTREMELY HIGH Windows
    w3m Not Rated Itself
    Xombrero Unmaintained
    Yandex Not Rated Chromium Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

    The Table of Search Engine

    Engine / FeatureRequires JavaScriptOwn indexSupports TORHas onion domainIP storageSearch resultsCensorshipShares data with third parties
    Brave SearchFor imagesDoubtfulSometimesYesNoAverageExtremeNo
    EcosiaFor imagesNoNo (CF)NoYesGoodNoneYes
    OscoboFor imagesNoYesNoUnknownGoodMildYes
    Discrete SearchYesNoYesNoYesGoodNoneYes
    PeekierYesPartialNo (CF)NoYesGoodNoneYes
    Right DaoNoYesYesNoPossibleBadWho knowsNo
    MarginaliaCloudflare so who cares lol
    Search my Site

    The Table of IM

    Name Spyware Rating Network Architecture Operating System License Verdict
    Adamant Unrated Decentralized, Blockchain Android and Web GPLv3 ?
    Briar Unrated Decentralized, P2P Android GPLv3 Probably okay
    Cabal Unrated ? Electron AGPLv3 (core), GPLv3 (client) ?
    Cwtch Unrated Decentralized, Semi-P2P Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS & Android MIT ?
    DeltaChat Unrated Decentralized, same as email Various MPLv2, GPLv3 Probably okay
    Discord Extremely High Centralized Web Interface and Electron, 3rd party clients prohibited Proprietary Do Not Use
    IRC Unrated Distributed, Load balanced Various, depends on client Depends on implementation, usually open source Green
    Jami Unrated Decentralized, P2P Various GPLv3 Probably okay
    Keybase Unrated Centralized Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Custom Open Source (Client), ? (Server) Do Not Use
    Matrix Unrated Decentralized w/ dominant instance (matrix.org), Federated Web Interface and electron (official client), Various (3rd party clients) Apache (official implementations), various (other) Avoid When Possible
    Psyc Unrated Decentralized, Federated Various ? ?
    Signal Unrated Centralized Various MIT Avoid
    Session Unrated ? ? ? ?
    Skype Unrated Centralized Various Proprietary Do Not Use
    Telegram Unrated Centralized Various Open Source (client), Closed Source (server) Do Not Use
    Threema Unrated Centralized Android, iOS, Web GPLv3 (client), Proprietary (server) Avoid
    Tox Unrated Decentralized, P2P Various GPLv3 Avoid When Possible
    Utopia Unrated ? ? ? ?
    Wire Unrated Centralized Various AGPLv3, GPJv3 ?
    WhatsApp Unrated Centralized Various Proprietary Do Not Use
    XMPP Unrated Decentralized, Federated Various, depends on client CC-BY-SA 2.0 (specification), Various (client) Green

    The Table of VPS Provider

    Name Eepsite Onion Requires JavaScript Requires Excessive Verification (JS Captcha, Phone, Name etc) Payment in XMR Censorship
    1984 No No, and blocks Tor w/out UA Yes
    Bahnhof Yes Name, Phone, Captcha No
    Ghandi No No Yes Yes No, but takes BTC w/ verified Bitpay account
    IncogNET Yes Yes Yes No Yes Legal
    IRCNow No
    Linode No, and block Tor w/out UA (Cloudflare) Yes (Cloudflare) Yes (Cloudflare)
    Njalla Yes Yes Yes
    OrangeHost Blocks Tor Entirely
    Privex Yes Yes No No Yes Legal

    The Table of XMPP Clients

    Client / Feature Psi+ Pidgin Conversations Dino Profanity Gajim ChatSecure
    OMEMO Yes Partial Yes Yes Partial Yes Yes
    OTR Yes Yes No No Yes Yes (old versions) Yes
    PGP Yes 3rd party, didn't test Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Mitigations for version Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes
    Mitigations for timezone Yes No External (TOR) Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Mitigations for OS Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Mitigations for client name Yes No No No No Partial Partial
    Onion connectivity Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No
    OS support (official) Linux, Windows, macOS, Haiku, BSD Linux, Windows, FreeBSD Android Linux, BSD Linux, Windows, BSD, OSX, Android Linux, Windows, FreeBSD iOS