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1951: How to introduce voices, cries of pain, sobs, into music?
1952: I must continue to strip down sound and rhythm. To reduce them to their most primitive expression... To find composition in its secret hiding place at the deepest level of primitive art. The opposite of modern diversity and complexity! The origin of music, that’s what must be put back into place... Relearning to touch sound with our hands — that’s the heart, the essence of music!

Iannix Xenakis . Personal notebook [1]

All the work I have done over the years is a sort of mosaic of hierarchical coherencies.
Iannix Xenakis , Arts-Sciences, Alloys. Pendragon Press. p. 7. [2]

I do not write experimental music. My experimenting is done before I write the music. Afterward it is the listener who must experiment.
Edgard Varese , Varese: A Looking-Glass Diary, p. 211. [3]

Individuals are individuations—or activities of the self—hence, they cannot be communicated in the strict sense of the word—rather everyone has to individualize the data himself.
Novalis . Notes for a Romantic Encyclopaedia: Das Allgemeine Brouillon.

Mir geht nichts über Mich!
..., der Ich mein Alles, der Ich der Einzige bin.
Max Stirner . Der Einzige und sein Eigentum [4]

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