fiber, nerve, muscle…

进攻本能以足够的意志继续它的运动,使轨迹变成一根纤维、一根神经或一块肌肉。肢解的残酷乐趣在手指上蔓延、磨砺和繁殖。因此,道德与身体的关系是一种形成性的关系。will-to-attack使问题更加尖锐。防御(壳或甲壳)是圆形的。攻击——威胁生命或性——是尖锐的。因为will-to-attack从一开始就是一个点,刺在植物中仍然是个谜。 The offensive instinct continues its movement with enough will to make the trajectory become a fiber, a nerve, or a muscle. The cruel joy of quartering spreads, sharpens, and multiplies the fingers. The relation� ship of the moral and the physical is therefore a formative one. The will-to-attack sharpens the point. Defense (shell or carapace) is rounded. Attack-life�threatening or sexual-is pointed. Because the will-to-attack is from the beginning a point, the thorn remains a mystery among vegetation. —— Gaston Bachelard, Lautreamont, P18

ineffable etymology

Every poet, even the most direct, has passed through a period of language reflected on or meditated. If he makes use of an ineffable etymology , if he suddenly gains the grace of naivete, he becomes so conscious of it that he returns to it as a ruse. Anyone who has reflected on language in solitude while listening to countless books without the schoolroom reflections of the corrector-a man elevated by two podium steps-is truly too happy. There are no poetic souls without manifold, prolonged echoes, echoes on echoes, without an essential multihumanism, a word heard in plains and woods, in the infinite and in the hermitage, in light and shadow, tenderness and anger. —— Gaston Bachelard, Lautreamont, P35