Mika Vaino Arne Deforce Hephaestus cello score MEGO Editions Cello score made by Arne Deforce for the concert performance and Cd recording at Vooruit Gent pdf

Nomos Alpha

Both the composition and the performance of the piece are a block of sensations, a compound of percepts and affects. Expression and emotion no longer emerge ‘in forms and matters, nor in themes, but in strengths, in densities, in intensities.

  • 用 Xenakis 的术语来说,sets和Sound Complexes都属于outside-of-time domain。它们到in-time domain的转换实际上不是直接获得的,而是通过 logical time 的中间状态获得的。
  • Herma 使用的某些方法类似于 Noms Alpha ,Xenakis 首先引入了一个逻辑顺序,然后再将其呈现在in-time domain中。 Nomos Alpha 使用的计算这个逻辑时间的方法是在两个意义上进行的:Sound Complexes的组织方式,和Sieve Theory下的pitch materials。 (Formal Aspects of Iannis Xenakis' “Symbolic Music”: A Computer-Aided Exploration of Compositional Processes, 4.3. Abstraction levels in the outside-of-time/in-time dichotomy: the “logical time”, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0929821042000310621)

Sound Complexes

  • 8 Basic Sound Complexes
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  • Sound Complex的顺序是通过一个特定算法计算的数集来确定的。24 次旋转将立方体转变为自身。八个Sound Complexes连接到立方体的八个顶点,因此每一次旋转都确定了一个Sound Complex的排列顺序:
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The First Sequence of Nomos Alpha

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  • image.png

The End of Nomos Alpha

  • A deus ex machina :大提琴独奏的裂缝分成两个相反运动的音阶,分别是正常音调和和声,在最宽处跨越 六个八度 以上的音程。